Lemon Law

Many people call me and say they bought a "Lemon" vehicle and need my help.  The first thing I usually must do is ask a few questions:


1) Was the car New or Used?


True "Lemon Law" in Missouri only covers new vehicles.  Therefore, if you bought a used vehicle, the "Lemon Law" would not apply.  Here is a link to the Missouri Attorney General's website that provides information on the Missouri Lemon Law.


However, there is another law called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act that applies to both new and used vehicles (and other consumer items as well).  However, typically there must be at least a service contract, extended warranty, or factory warranty on the vehicle.  If it is purchased "as-is," there is probably nothing that can be done.


Essentially, this law says that if you have provided the manufacturer (or its agent, the dealer) a "reasonable" number of attempts to repair the item and it is still not fixed, you can make a claim for the damages in the amount of the difference between the value of the vehicle without the problems and the value of it with the problems.   You can also have your attorneys fee paid by the manufacturer.


In other words, if you take your car back to the dealer many times for the same thing under warranty over and over many times and it is not fixed, you may have a claim under the Magunson-Moss Warranty Act.  You can be awarded damages (money!) and my attorneys fees as well.


If you think you have a lemon law or other problem(s) with a vehicle that cannot be fixed, please give my office a call at 314-721-0010 to discuss your particular situation.


Lemon Law